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Margaret-Rose is a Christian Indie Artist & Songwriter from Winnipeg, Canada with a heart to inspire and encourage others.  Her first name is Margaret-Rose.  She got her start in the church at an early age, singing duets with her Mom.  She comes from a Musical Family.  Her Maternal Grandfather was a terrific Trumpet player and her Maternal Grandmother was known as ‘The Bell’ in her day, she had an awesome singing voice.  Margaret-Rose’s Mom was also a very talented Singer.  She continues to be a gifted Songwriter and has continued her song writing over the years and has also collaborated with the Music Artist.

Margaret-Rose continues to hone her song writing skills, to collaborate with other Songwriters and to use her musical talents for the Lord.

Margaret-Rose has grown from her life experiences and says, “With my Precious Dad passing away suddenly in 2018, one of the hardest things I and my family have ever gone through.  With my Loving Mom experiencing health issues in 2021 and myself going through moments of doubt and painful circumstances.  I can honestly say, my God has been faithful, and for this I am so very grateful.”  She goes on to say, “I thank God every day for His Love, Grace and Mercy.  For the love and support of my family, and for their belief in me even when I doubted myself.”  I am grateful for the Lord’s guidance and that He orders the steps of His Children.”

Margaret-Rose has previously released four Singles  – Be Bold, Out of the Blue, Hold On, Come with Me to Bethlehem,  her first Christmas Single, as well as her latest Single Hope in the Hurt, released –  June 17th, 2022.

This song was co-written by Bryan Boliver, Eric Kneifel and myself (Margaret-Rose) @iammargaretrose

I asked my colleagues to help me write a song that talks about some of life’s difficulties and failures we experience, that leaves us so often feeling defeated. But there is HOPE as we wake up to realize that all along God is walking beside us, guiding us through the storm. His Mercy and His Grace finds Us right at the point of our need.

He says in Hebrews 13:5 “…I will never leave you, nor forsake you.”
God always keeps His Word! I’m so grateful that He is my Hope in the Hurt.

“It is my Prayer that lives will be touched by the message in this Song.  May you find hope in times of despair, may your heart and spirit be lifted in times of sorrow, and may you be filled with His Peace.”